Nomad PIM
Development - Source Code Tours
As of December 12th, 2009, the development of Nomad PIM has been discontinued


The use of source code tours and TagSEA 3.3 is not recommended for Eclipse 3.5.


Source code tours are simply tours to certain source code locations with some explaining comments. They require the TagSEA eclipse plugin.

If there are problems with the tutorial, feel free to ask in the Developer Mailing List.

Available Tours

The following code tours are currently available:

  • Entities: A short tour to the main programming interfaces of the entity concept
  • Filters: A short tour through the main filter classes, their connection to the entity concept and some predefined filters

Check out the required Nomad PIM resources

The repository url for the Nomad PIM subversion repository is To use the source code tours, you need to check out the plugins they guide through:

org.nomadpim.coredata management, commonly used non-ui stuff

For more information, take a look at the version control page.

TagSEA Configuration

It is recommended that you download TagSEA 0.3.3. Install it by extracting the content of the zip-file to your eclipse directory. Once you start eclipse again, the Tags Viewer view should be available at "Window >> Show View >> Other >> TagSEA >> Tags Viewer". Open this view.

The tours should be available now, otherwise refresh the Tags Viewer. You can open a tour point by double-clicking on the tag and then use the down and up arrows to navigate to the next or previous tour point.

If you like, you can configure a Tours perspective which looks like the one on the next screenshot: