Nomad PIM
Development - Version Control
As of December 12th, 2009, the development of Nomad PIM has been discontinued

Repository location

The repository url for the Nomad PIM subversion repository is

Team Project Sets

You can use team project sets for importing the plugins from the version control system. Download the team project set for your Subversion plugin (use the "Save Link As" function of your internet browser):

Afterwards, import the saved team project set into Eclipse using "File >> Import", "Team >> Team Project Set".

Commit Rules

When commiting to the SVN repository, please consider our commit rules.

Modules used in the current version of Nomad PIM

org.nomadpim.coredata management, commonly used non-ui stuff
org.nomadpim.core.uigeneric user interface stuff
module/core.ui/trunk The contact module provides the contact entity type and links the birthday of persons to the schedule.
module/contact/trunk Early-stage GMail integration using IMAP. This module is currently alpha and not included in the distribution
org.nomadpim.module.fitness_measurements This modules provides an entity for information about body weight, water percentage and fat percentange. The data is rendered in two charts.
module/fitness_measurement/trunk The money module provides account and transaction entity types and a calculation.
org.nomadpim.module.note The note module contains a workarea for short notes and a diary editor for each day. It provides the workarea, note and day entity types.
org.nomadpim.module.schedule The schedule module contains the calendar, the schedule view and the overview view and provides extension points for adding additional information to the schedule view. The event and task entity types are contained in this module.
org.nomadpim.module.timetracking The timetracking module is currently work in progress. It provides the worklog entity type and extends the task and event entity types with additional properties.

3rd party libraries

3rd party libraries that are not available as eclipse plugins are contained in the version control system as eclipse plugins:
org.jdomJDOM library as Eclipse plugin
org.jfree.chartJFreeChart library as Eclipse plugin
org.joda.timeJoda Time library as Eclipse plugin

Additional modules necessary for Nomad PIM development

org.nomadpim.ide Contains ant scripts and xslt stylesheets for code generation. This plugin must be in the workspace for Nomad PIM development, but is not included in the runtime versions. In future versions, it will probably be extended as an eclipse plugin that makes Nomad PIM development easier (kind of extending Eclipse as a product line IDE for Nomad PIM).
build Contains the build script to build the rich client for several platforms. This module is not required for development, but for building a version for deployment.
target_platform Contains the target platform for Nomad PIM.


There are several plugins containing unit tests listed here:
org.nomadpim.core.test Contains unit tests for org.nomadpim.core.
org.nomadpim.core.ui.test Contains unit tests for org.nomadpim.core.ui.
test/module/core.ui/trunk Contains unit tests for
test/module/contact/trunk Contains unit tests for
org.nomadpim.module.note.test Contains unit tests for the org.nomadpim.module.note module.
org.nomadpim.module.schedule.test Contains unit tests for the org.nomadpim.module.schedule module.
org.nomadpim.module.timetracking.test Contains unit tests for the org.nomadpim.module.timetracking module.

3rd party libraries required for testing

3rd party libraries that are not available as eclipse plugins are contained in the version control system as eclipse plugins:
org.easymockEasy mock as eclipse plugin