Nomad PIM
Project information
As of December 12th, 2009, the development of Nomad PIM has been discontinued


The goal of the Nomad PIM project is to create a personal information manager that can be extended and customized in the way that the Eclipse IDE can be customized for development in different domains. Different users should be able to use the modules they need for their purposes, thus getting a personalized version of Nomad PIM that suits their needs.


Nomad PIM is an open-source application that is available under the terms of the Common Public License 1.0.


  • Lars Grammel ( Project Lead, Software Development, Homepage, English translation, Project Administration
  • Philip Ritzkopf: Software Development, Homepage, Project Administration
  • Frank Ganske: Software Development
  • Baddr el Din Dehne: Team Project Set
  • Patricio M. Ros: Spanish translation
  • Jessica Hopkins: French translation
  • Lou Jiapeng: Chinese translation
  • Antonio Chiurla: Italian translation
  • Andrey Nosanchuk: Russian translation
  • Mert Kara: Turkish translation

Included 3rd party software

Nomad PIM includes software developed by the following third-party authors: