Nomad PIM
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As of December 12th, 2009, the development of Nomad PIM has been discontinued



Nomad PIM is an open-source application that is available under the terms of the Common Public License 1.0.


Standard Perspective

(Mac OS X, German)

Time Evaluation Perspective

(Mac OS X, German)

Importing data from older versions of Nomad PIM

Just copy the workspace directory from your old Nomad PIM installation to the new one.

Nomad PIM converts your old Nomad PIM data to the format used by the current version. It is required that you use the same operation system and language setting as before when running the new version for the first time.

If you encounter problems importing your old workspace, please report them in the user support mailing list.

Saving data and undo function

The data in the views like workarea and diary is saved automatically. In the editors, the data has to be saved manually by selecting save in the menu or toolbar. Each save operation sets an undo point. These undo points can be accessed via the history tab at the bottom of the editor. Double-clicking on an old timestamp sets the editor values to the ones of the old object version. The current state is marked with a star, if more than one state is equal to the current state, each of these states is marked with a star. The history is only available for one session, after restarting Nomad PIM it's gone.

Automatic backups

On each start of Nomad PIM, all *.xml files in the workspace are zipped to a file named "", with X the current milliseconds since 1970. The backups are not automatically cleaned, so keep in mind that they may consume a lot of space if Nomad PIM is restartet often and therefore should be deleted from time to time.

The backups can be used to restore information if you deleted something you didn't want to delete, for example. You can extract the corresponding xml element from the backups and insert it in the current file, but be warned: you must manually check the IDs then, or problems may occur.


changes since 0.80.0

 features added:

- replaced worklog entities with recurrent activity entities
- added tray item for timetracking
- added tray popup for timetracking (triggered by left-click on tray item)
- popup menu for selecting the current activity in current activities view 
- popup menu for selecting the current activity in the tray
- diary view shows date
- support for multiple currencies (currently alpha)
- added details & time support to transactions

 bugs fixed:

- opening editors from current activity view works now

 other improvements:

- minor refactorings and library updates
- added preferences dialog (currently not use, just for 3rd party plugins)